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Digital Public Library of America in Indiana Workshop

Monday, November 17, 9 am-12 pm at Marriott East in Indianapolis

"Contribute to Developing Indiana’s Presence in DPLA"

The Digital Public Library of America is a national digital library of cultural heritage content from across the US, fed into the portal by Hubs throughout the nation.  Representatives from cultural heritage institutions across the state have collaborated to create such a Hub in Indiana. The work of the Hub’s supporters will boost representation of Indiana’s heritage and history in DPLA as well as provide digital library services and outreach to Indiana libraries, museums, archives, historical societies, and beyond. This workshop will 1) Share information about DPLA efforts underway in Indiana 2) Describe how your institution may contribute content and 3) Facilitate group brainstorming regarding the services needed/desired in Indiana to support digitization and enhancement of already digital cultural heritage content.

Cost for the workshop:  $25 for ILF members and $37.50 for non-member.

To register, enter through the ILF Annual Conference link below. You will be able to restrict registration to just the DPLA preconference
workshop:  http://ilfonline.site-ym.com/events/event_details.asp?id=478171&group

For more information contact Kristi Palmer, IUPUI University Library, klpalmer@iupui.edu



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