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NPower Indiana


                         It’s tornado season. And it floods a lot in Indiana any more.
The Heritage Emergency National Task Force has resources to help with prevention of worst damage and finding help should the worst happen.  The Task Force offers great resources on its website, http://www.heritagepreservation.org/programs/taskfer.htm
--Disaster preparedness resources
--Disaster recovery resources
--Streaming video: Coping with Water Damage
--Protect Family Treasures
--Salvage Wet Books
--Guide to Navigating Federal Disaster Aid
--Federal Disaster Funding for Cultural Institutions
--Tips for Working with Emergency Responders
--Cataclysm and Challenge
The Task Force, a partnership of 41 national service organizations and federal agencies created to protect cultural heritage from disaster, has a wealth of resources and information available to cultural institutions before, during, and after a major crisis.

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